An Steylaerts (°1966) lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium). She is specialized in cross-over techniques : combination between painting, graphic art and digital work.
It’s aboAN FOTOut working more than just making an image with the computer. I combine different techniques with new digital possibilities, creating a fascinating playing field where the search for the stratification of the various disciplines appeals to me.” Painting, drawing, digital photography and graphic work come together. I like working with paint, pencil or ink, on paper or on canvas, just like the new photographic possibilities are fascinating me, “says the artist.
“Bringing together the pieces of the puzzle from the different techniques along the digital path appeals to me, I do not agree with the idea that it all easily rolls out of a PC.” The computer is only a tool, just like a pencil, a brush, an etching plate. Ultimately, as an artist you take over and use these means to capture your story in an image that consists of several layers.
The basis for a work can be a painting but also a digital photography. In this way I start from a photograph that is painted and further (digitally) edited or you start with a painting that gets an extra dimension along a digital crossover. It’s about what the final image brings to the spectator. When reading a novel it does not matter whether the writer made it by hand, on his PC or his typewriter, the experience of reading counts for me.
Just as the experience in viewing my work is paramount.
My work are often panoramas of open landscapes set in an urban context.
I’m very interested in bringing together things that seem the same, such as reflections but who are experienced differently by the spectator. I invite you to revisit and discover new elements. It remains a subjective experience, everyone follows it with his own eyes. ”

In addition to her free work that includes painting, drawing, graphics and digital work, you can also come to her for a tailor-made work of art for private or office. Her experience as an interior architect helps to deliver an integrated artwork.